Summer Academy & Festival

The Summer Academy and Festival forms the core of International Holland Music Sessions. Over a hundred concerts, in which the active participants perform are combined with lessons and master classes by a renowned faculty of teachers from important musical institutes all over the world. The lessons takes place each summer during a period of three weeks. The Festival period has the adjacent weeks before and after and is five weeks.

Faculty Biographies

Every Summer Academy our students are taught by different teachers. This year we present to you fifteen international teachers. These professionals master their instruments like no other. These instruments vary from piano (incl. piano trio) to violin and cello.

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Collaborative Pianists

Are you ready to master your piano skills? To be the best of the best? This year we present you eight piano accompanists who are going to teach you everything they have learned. Some things through education. Other things from their own experience. They are all playing at the Festival this year.

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Application and Fees

Applicants for active participation must be between 18 and 27 years of age in the period July 30 - August 20, 2023. Participants who have been accepted to the program have the option of participating for one, two or three weeks. Selected applicants can give concerts in the preceding and subsequent weeks as well.

  • € 1,050 per week for solo instrument.
  • € 1,050 per week for piano duo and piano trio.
  • € 1,050 per week for string duo, string trio and string quartet.

Applications and Online Registration

For convenience and expediency we demand online applications via this website. To make an online application for IHMS Summer Academy, you must create an application account, or use an existing account if you created an account in previous years. See the menu: application login.

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