Driven by volunteers

IHMS is a volunteer organisation. The only paid employee is our director, Perry Reitsma. Our "hands on board" supports him with great enthusiasm. Together and separately, they are responsible for the financial and content-related preconditions and for the programming. An external programme coordinator is employed during the Summer Academy & Festival.

Over 200 indispensable volunteers

IHMS can continue to exist thanks to over 200 volunteers.
They carry out the vast majority of all work. Most communication with teachers, students and the public goes through them. Under the leadership of the director, eight volunteers coordinate various areas:

  • Host families
  • Transport and equipment Berger Scholengemeenschap
  • Helpdesk Berger Scholengemeenschap
  • Catering
  • Financial administration
  • Ticket sales
  • Website
  • Social Media

In addition, about 60 volunteers are active in local PR teams at the concert venues in the summer. They are managed by the central PR team.
In short: your help is extremely welcome and needed!


Or read here our volunteer statute and volunteer insurance

Candidate volunteers for the positions of host parents and/or driver we ask for a "declaration of behaviour (VOG)" for social reasons.